SNEHI SAMAJ, registered under the Society Act with Registration No. 8044/397/1974-75 hasbeensnehi2 established since 15.12.1968 at Bhubaneswar. It is a socio-cultural organisation. The principal aim of the organization is to encourage mutual love, help and cooperation besides spreading fraternity feeling among the members of this organization. Since its inception the organization is engaged in holding various social and cultural programs at different times of the year. Based on its set out objectives this organization takes up a lot of social service and cultural programs for the benefit snehi1of the society with specific focus on the weaker section of the society. The Organization’s different programs have been chosen to suit all members irrespective of sex or age i.e children, boys, girls, ladies, gents, even senior citizens. Besides cultural programs the Organization also takes up social service and free medical service programs and programs for eradication of superstition from the society. Through different programs it encourages development of handicraft, cottage industries, arts and paintings etc with an aim to create opportunities for self-employment of the unemployed. General body meeting of the organization is held every year and election to its executive committee is held every two years.


SNEHI SAMAJ brings out a quarterly publication titled ‘SNEHI SANDESHA’ as its mouth piece. Besides cultural articles the publication gives information about important events during the bygone quarter and various programs for the remaining quarters of the year and the income and expenditure balance sheet for the quarter. copy of this publication is sent to each member

Dinabandhu Sarani Road Declared and Approved by Govt. of Odisha
On the occasion of August 15th 2013, Honorable Meyer Mr. Ananta Narayan Jena has inaugurated Denabandhu Sarani and approved the lane by Govt. Odisha. Mr Jena also told that he is feeling proud from his heart for formation of the Senior Citizen of Snehi Samaj and always he need advise from such great personally of the Snehi Samaj Senior Citizen.
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